Finding Common Tree Health Problems

animated tree to show you sick treesIt is so important to always monitor the health of your trees. Many people take them for granted. They assume that trees will always be healthy, but there can be certain conditions that will adversely affect them. One of the problems that can occur will be mold, something that may develop as a type of fungi at the base of the trunk. It can also be seen in the tree branches, and on the leaves, leading to significant problems. There are other health problems that a tree may encounter. Here are some of the most common ways to find out what is wrong with your tree, and then find solutions to resolve these issues.

Common Tree Health Problems

Unless you are an arborist, you will likely not notice subtle problems that your trees are currently facing. It’s only when you see that the top of the tree is dead, or that the branches are becoming darker, that you may notice that something is not quite right. Leaf wilting is another clear sign that something is wrong, as well as stem tiebacks. They may also become much more susceptible to diseases, and pests may begin to infiltrate into the bark. All of these problems can be resolved by ensuring that your tree has a healthy immune system which can develop as a result of proper fertilization.

How To Avert And Resolve These Issues

The best way to avert any problems at all, especially with younger trees, is to provide them with fertilizer in the ground. This should never be done if a tree is less than a year old. However, once they are several years old, fertilizing them once a year is an absolute must. Additionally, compost should be added to the soil around the tree. This will not need to be done after they are a decade or more in age. To resolve issues that they may be facing such as blight, developing cankers, bug infestations or any other disease that can afflict them, you will have to bring in different types of treatments such as herbicides and pesticides.

Reasons To Use A Local Arborist

A local arborist should be contacted right away if you detect any of these issues that have been presented. Even if you think your tree as healthy, an annual checkup should be done just to make sure there is nothing wrong. If there are problems, the arborist will be able to address the issue and potentially help it get back to a state of proper health. You must compare the different arborist based upon how long they have been in the industry and the prices that they charge.

You can easily take care of your tree if you are cognizant of what can go wrong, and if you are aware of what needs to be done to resolve the issues. As long as you are providing your trees with proper fertilizer and compost annually, they should be able to resolve most of these issues on their own. Once you have found a tree that does appear to be sick, you can try to fix this yourself, or contact a local arborist. They will know exactly what to do to treat the condition that your tree currently has to help you get back to normal.