How To Make Correct Cuts On Your Trees And Shrubs

When you do prune your tree this year, you need to make sure that you are cutting it properly. There are certain things you need to know before you start to trim branches, large or small. The same is true for shrubs if you have several of those on your property. Many people simply take the cutting shears and start hacking away. However, this can do more damage than any good, and it has to do with choosing the right time to do this with the proper techniques. Here are the best ways to correctly cut your trees and shrubs so that you can get the best final results.

Benefits Of Pruning Your Trees And Shrubs

The primary benefits of pruning on a regular basis include maintaining overall safety levels. You really don’t want people running into the branches that are going to grow larger and will be very low. If you do prune, you are going to actually rejuvenate the growth of the tree. It’s beneficial for a tree or a shrub to be pruned regularly. If you see any broken limbs, these need to be cut immediately. It is possible that this could lead to bugs infiltrating into the tree, or some type of disease. At the very least, you are going to shape your tree in a proper way so that it will be very pleasing to look at, all the while improving the health and quality of the tree or shrub that you are pruning.guidelines to having healthy trees

How To Properly Cut Branches

To properly cut trees and shrubs, you need to use a proper set of shears. It is also possible that you may use some type of chainsaw or handsaw. You will want to make a notch at the bottom of the branch that you are going to cut. You will then come from the top and sheer it off. This is very similar to how you fall a tree in the wilderness. If you have ever cut down a tree before, that initial wedge needs to be cut out on one side. You can then cut the tree down, and as it begins to fall, the empty space where the wedge was will give it the momentum necessary to follow all of the way down.

How Often Should You Prune Your Trees And Shrubs?

Pruning your trees or shrubs is actually very easy to do. However, it should not be done very often. At the very least, you need to do it once a year. You should do this during the months of December or January. If you wait until February, and if it is a very warm year, you run the risk of cutting it when it is starting to reawaken. Trees go dormant during this time when it’s cold, and that is why doing this in January is probably the best time to get started with your pruning.

Now that you know how to properly cut the branches and limbs on your trees, as well as your shrubs, you can start doing that in January. If you happen to live in a different country where winter is at another time, simply choose the coldest months and begin to prune during those weeks that will work the best. This is something that must be done regularly, and if you are able to do so, you are going to have a great time improving the health of your tree or shrub, helping it to look its best.