Tips for Better Tree Health

Your trees make your home a more beautiful and comfortable place to live in. They also provide shade and that can translate into energy savings. If you have trees around your home, you can expect to save about 20 percent a year on air conditioning costs.

Trees are also a great way to keep the environment safer. For these reasons, you will want to keep your trees as healthy as possible. Follow these tips and your trees will grow healthier and live longer.

Pruning is essential. This is one of the most important ways to keep any type of tree in good health. Mature trees do not require frequent pruning but young trees do.

If you do not feel you can do the job yourself using a pair of pruning shears, you can always hire your local tree care experts. This is always a good idea where tall trees are concerned. The professionals have the tools and experience to safely prune high branches.

Water your trees properly. This tip goes without saying but as your trees age, make it a point to begin a regimen of deep root feeding. You only need to do this once a year, and fall is often the best time for a deep root feeding. You inject a fertilizer solution at the base of the tree.

You can purchase commercially prepared solutions and follow the instructions on the packaging. Or, you can mix a .2 pounds of nitrogen for each inch of the trunk’s diameter with fertilizer.

Check for pests. This is relatively simple to do. You will notice holes in leaves, they might appear wilted or you might also notice leaves are dropping prematurely. The trunk might become covered with something that looks like black soot. As soon as you note any signs of pest damage, contact your tree care professionals.

Observe any changes to the tree’s health and watch for diseases. You will want to own a book on trees or at least know what types of diseases your trees could be susceptible to. This will make it easier to spot any diseases sooner so that the disease can be treated and the tree left to flourish in good health. If you do note any signs of tree disease call your arborist for help.

If you are not living in a wooded area you will also want to make sure you apply mulch to your trees. You can use store-bought mulch, wood chips, pine needles or just make your own mulch with some autumn leaves. It should be about an inch or more in depth around the base of the tree.

All of these tips are relatively simple. If you are ever unsure about what to do for your tree, your local tree experts can help you. You can stay on top of your tree care simply by walking around your property on a regular basis. This is something you already enjoy doing. If anything gets your attention, you can address things right away so your trees stay as healthy as possible.

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