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Deep Rooting Tips To Improve The Health Of Trees

When most people water plants or trees, they do so in a similar fashion. They will have a sprinkler system set up where the water will primarily land on the upper surface, with most of the water never reaching the deep roots. As a result of this, a shallow root system can develop as the roots will be attracted to where the water typically is. To improve the health of your trees, they need to develop deep root systems, and this can be accomplished by using deep rooting tips. Here is a quick overview of what you need to do in order to improve the health of your trees by creating a deep rooting system.

How To Do This With A New Tree

If you have a new tree that you are planting, you need to make sure that the whole you have dug goes deep enough so that the root ball will be completely covered by the soil once the whole is refilled. Be sure to use a pitchfork or some type of tool that will loosen the soil directly beneath the root ball. This will give the new roots a chance at going deeper into the ground. Watering every day is recommended for new trees, allowing them to be conditioned to absorbing water, causing them to grow longer and thicker. These will extend deep into the ground, and in doing so, they will provide a solid support system for the tree plus will gain access to water that will be deeper in the ground.

Deep Rooting Tips For Existing Trees

If you have existing trees that may have recently gone through a drought, or you simply want to help develop a deep rooting system with a tree service, you will need to water them directly. Instead of sprinkling water on top over a large area, you need to directly place the hose at the base of the trunk, pointing down into the dirt itself. You do not need to have the water on full blast. A steady trickle for an extended period of time will do the job. As long as it is concentrated in one area, preferably at the base of the tree, you can help the water get deep into the soil. This will then start the process of the roots extending further into the ground, or perhaps turning down if they were angling up. The deeper the root system, the more stable the tree will be. Here is a great idea you could also do by contacting a tree service company in your local area. It will also ensure that it will get enough water, even during a drought year in some cases. A really good tree service planting company is they know how to trim and remove trees.

By following these deep rooting tips for both new and existing trees, you can improve the stability and longevity of the trees that you have on your property. You should be able to extend the life of each tree by decades by helping them develop a deep rooting system that will be able to absorb water at great depths using these strategies that will work for most species of trees.

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